Alpha Xi Delta

Gamma Theta at East Tennessee State University

Letter From Membership Vice President

Dear Potential, New Member,


First of all, welcome and congratulations on choosing East Tennessee State University to be your home for this next step of your life! This is such an exciting and nerve wracking time for you as a student and as an individual. The memories you make during this time will stay with you forever. One of the best ways to make life long memories is to get involved in campus life here at ETSU. There are many opportunities for involvement with over 200 clubs and organizations represented on our campus. If you are looking for an opportunity that will change your life forever, looking into Greek Life on our campus is a great way to start. 


My name is Savannah Nelson and I am currently the Membership Vice President for Alpha Xi Delta. Being in a sorority was something I had always aspired to do. In high school I watched as some of my mentors graduated and entered Greek Life and I knew that it was something I wanted to be apart of. Although I had intentions of going Greek I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I did not realize that going through rush I was going to gain a new family, support system, and new best friends. I had no idea that I would be entering an organization that taught me so many values that would push me to be a better woman, sister, and friend. Alpha Xi Delta has pushed me to realize my full potential and still is today. Our sisterhood, leadership, and philanthropy has changed my life for the better and has shaped me into a more courageous woman. I can only hope that you might choose to realize your potential with us. 


During your time in Alpha Xi Delta, you will grow in areas of your life that you never knew needed work. You will learn to love the women who stand beside you and share your letters, as women in our sorority have done for decades. You will join a genuine sisterhood of women, one that will help you strive towards a more courageous and meaningful life. It’s hard to fully comprehend what all Alpha Xi Delta can give you, but I can tell you that without a doubt, she has changed my life and my perspective for good.


If you have any questions about Alpha Xi Delta or would simply like to know more about formal recruitment please do not hesitate to contact me at nelsonsl1@etsu.eduor visit out ETSU Greek Life page at,


I look forward to seeing you this Fall and hope you might decide to give Greek Life a try, since it has truly made me a more gracious and kindly woman.